Utility Companies & Phone Numbers

Utility Phone Numbers:

Call to switch your Utility Accounts about 2 weeks before you close on your sale or rental:

  • Commonwealth Edison Electric - 800.334.7661
  • SBC Ameritech Telephone 800.660.3000, or your preferred alternative phone provider, e.g., AT&T, 1.877.325.0445, MCI, 1.800.444.2222, etc.
  • NICOR Gas Co. 888.642.6748 for the northern suburbs, or
  • Peoples Gas Company in Chicago, 1.312.240.7000
  • For City of Evanston services, such as the Water Dept., call 1.847.328.2100. Note: if you are buying a condominium or renting, it is not necessary to call for water service, your association, management company or landlord takes care of this.
  • Comcast Cable Service 1.866.594.1234 (television) If you require a DSL line, you may want to request this even sooner; there may be long lead times.