Property Inspector List

Choice of Building Inspectors

New laws governing the building inspection profession mandate, among other requirements, that they all be licensed to practice by the State of Illinois. In addition to that, inspectors must pass additional testing & licensing requirements to test for certain environmental hazards & we list the specialists below. However, many of the general property inspectors below are also licensed to test for lead paint, asbestos, and other hazardous materials. If you want addtional testing, be sure to inquire if there is an additional cost. Our list is in alphabetical order, by specialty.

General Property Inspection:

  • Jamie Dunsing, Dunsing Property Inspectors, 847.367.0782 - all areas. Jamie has done over 7,000 inspections.
  • North Branch Property Inspection, George Rieger or Mark Ladner, 847.864.6212 or 708.989.6210, Chicago and all suburbs.
  • Premier Inspectors of America, Inc., numerous locations & inspectors, 888.773.5665
  • Rafeek Besheer, Northfield, IL, 847.446.2899
  • RFH & Associates, Inc., A Home Inspection Company, 5339 N. Wayne, Chicago, IL, Rich Handschuh, 312.561.3363.

Asbestos Testing/Encapsulation/Removal: Note: in 2002 $'s, estimated cost of removal of 80-180 linear feet of covered pipe in an unfinished accessible basement, to take 1-2 days work, is about $1,500 to $2,500.

  • Brennan's PEB & Assoc., Inc., 2929 S. Wabash, Chicago, IL 312.326.0944.
  • Midwest Asbestos Consultants, Jerry Wolff, 773.973.5353
  • PGK Environmental Testing & Consulting, 312.433.7750

Black Mold: A newly identified concern. The most accurate test takes 2 weeks for results. The only name I have so far is Gary Crawford, 847.692.4700.

Lead Paint Inspectors:

  • The Lead Inspectors, Inc., 5112 Jarlath Ave., Skokie, IL 847.982.9900
  • Homecheckers, 847.945.0920
  • Brennan's PEB & Assoc., Inc., 2929 S. Wabash, Chicago, IL 312.326.0944.

Radon Testing:

  • Radon Detection, Inc., 630.479.2507
  • Radon Detection Specialists, Inc., 630.325.4443
  • Metrospect, 847.808.8488

Termites & Other Wood-boring Insects:

  • Orkin Residential Pest Control, 847.724.4800
  • A1 Pest Control, Chgo., 773.799.9203
  • Aarstad Pest Control Co., Evanston & other areas, 847.864.8522