About the Illinois Association of Realtors (IAR) President's Club Awards

Annually, the IAR bestows awards to real estate brokers who make application, after it verifies the sales reported. IAR sets ten award hurdles for total sales in one calendar year beginning at over $1 million (BRONZE) up to $25 million (RUBY).

From 1994 through 2008, Susan applied for & was granted the awards shown in the table below. When the great real estate depression (calling it what it really was) set in, Susan stopped making applications for awards. However, her sales did not stop, and she feels that 2014 will be a very good year for real estate. She has sent in an application for 2013, it is a good practice.

2013Bronze$ 1,000,000 - Award Granted
2012Silver$ 2,000,000 - No Application Sent
2011Bronze$ 1,000,000 - No Application Sent
2010Bronze$ 1,000,000 - No Application Sent
2009Bronze$ 1,000,000 - No Application Sent
2007Diamond$ 5,000,000
2006Gold$ 3,000,000
2005Pearl$ 7,500,000
2004Diamond$ 5,000,000
2003Pearl$ 7,500,000
2002Diamond$ 5,000,000
2001Diamond$ 5,000,000
2000Diamond$ 5,000,000
1999Platinum$ 4,000,000
1998Platinum$ 4,000,000
1997Silver$ 2,000,000
1996Gold$ 3,000,000
1995Silver$ 2,000,000
1994Bronze$ 1,000,000